Why do it?

Statistically it is said Americans have bad diets due to large consumption of processed and refined foods.  As a result the body will begin to clog up in a sense and purge less fecal material as a result.  This fecal material in time will continue to accumulate much like how plaque builds up in our arteries.  This fecal plaque can steep into your blood stream like a tea bag steeps in water.  This is a cause of many ailments.  Bottom line is if you are not passing your bowels regularly, about 2-3 times per day then you should consider a colon cleanse like the Sea Salt Water Flush.

A Sea Salt Water Flush is ancient and has been used for centuries.  It’s a safe and inexpensive alternative to other colon cleansers like colonics and enemas.  Many say it’s the most efficient way to wash the intestinal tract and colon.  The salt water is the same saline ratio as our bodies.  As a result the salt water will not absorb into our system.  Instead it pushes and washes everything on it’s way out thanks to gravity.  The salt water scrubs your intestinal walls breaking down fecal build up which ends up in your colon ready for bowel movement. Who wants that garbage collecting in our systems? I sure don’t and that’s why you may want to consider doing the Sea Salt Water Flush!

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