Sea Salt Water Flush Recipe

Hope you are tough enough to endure this misery. 😉  I kid of course, but it can be tough for some and perhaps easier for others. I’ve gotten quite used to it ( sort of ) while doing the master cleanse.  The main thing that gets me is when I drink down the warm sea salt water my tongue begins to taste / feel like a pickle and my gag reflex naturally wants to spit it out.  I persevere and next thing you know I’ve got it down my gullet and in my stomach.  That’s when the magic starts… stay close to a bathroom ( hint, hint ).

Still thinking about doing the Sea Salt Water Flush?  Good for you!  You will feel better and you will see changes as evidence the SWF does help.  First and foremost; Do not use iodized salt. Sea Salt is best! For an alternative there is Epsom Salt, however my wife and I find it too rough for the intestinal tract and colon. There is also the use of actual sea water mixed with Fresh water 50/50 ratio. Haven’t tried that and probably won’t, sadly knowing what other chemicals and toxins ( Mercury, Nitrogen-fertilizers ) are polluting our oceans.

First thing in the morning on an empty stomach

-1 Tbsp / 2tsp of uniodized sea salt
-1 Liter (32 oz) of luke warm water.
-Mix and drink.


Duration:  Every body type can vary time response for bowel movement. Typically you will find your self wanting to release gas/ fart but don’t as it may result into an accident. Hold it in and make your way to the rest room. You will have several bowel movements over an hour or so since consuming the SWF. Some may take longer some may be shorter depending on each individual. I usually stop around 45 minutes. Be sure to stay close to a restroom during this time.

7 thoughts on “Sea Salt Water Flush Recipe

  1. tim

    Has anyone tried sea salt capsules for their swf? I’m going to do the master cleanse again but am thinking of using the swf pill instead of the mixture. Curious…

  2. ks

    Here’s s thought when drinking the sea salt….imagine you’re just getting over the flu and all you want in warm chicken soup to warm your body and soothe your soul. Imagine the salt water is that warm chicken soup and every sip you take is healing your cold sick body….it works!

    1. Ryan Price Post author

      Hi Sharon, we suggest to only the the sea salt water flush while doing a cleanse that suggests doing so. It’s fairly taxing on the body and should only be done once a year. Hope that helps? Thanks for the question. :)


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