SWF Capsules :: Are they better / safe?

No we do not recommend salt capsules nor salt tablets as they may do more harm than good. The way the SWF works is that it’s at the same saline to water ratio as our bodies. The salt will not absorb into our blood nor our kidneys to be processed. Instead it’s slides down our intestinal tract washing it’s way to our colon where it is then ready for bowel movement.

With salt capsules, pills or tablets you are dealing with varying time releases or times for the pills to dissolve. You may drink the 32 ounces of water with the salt capsule but the water will flush through your body before the salt can be released. Leaving small piles of salt slowly dispersing into your system with no dilution. Now your body is processing an exorbitant amount of sodium. This is why it’s crucial you mix the water and the salt. Warm water mixes the salt best and makes it a bit easier to get down the ol’ gullet.

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