The Sea Salt Water Flush is intended as a colon cleanse.  It should ONLY be done with Uniodized Salt… best being unrefined Sea Salt.  Check with your physician prior to doing any cleanse.

Avoid Sea Salt Capsules or tablets as an alternative way to doing the SWF.  Please read more about why salt pills are not recommended to use here.

When doing the SWF stay within close proximity to a bathroom.

There are varying opinions on the SWF duration but we recommend no longer than ten days of the SWF.  Also, consider minimizing your SWF to no more than twice a year.  We do ours with the Master Cleanse which is a 10 day stretch.  Doing the SWF regularly can acclimate your body to depend on the SWF to purge your bowels rather than you naturally.  It’s all about balance…

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