Sea Salt Water Flush

Are you thinking of doing a Salt Water Flush? Yuk! Are you crazy, it’s nasty! No, really it’s tough to get that stuff down. Let alone hold it down. Seriously, though… if you are serious to cleanse your system for what ever reason then the Sea Salt Water Flush is the way to go. The Salt Water Flush is an essential process in many different cleanses. It is intended to induce bowl movement and the purging of toxins.  Sites such as Best Master Cleanse Directions suggest doing the SWF ( Salt Water Flush ) daily while doing the Master Cleanse.  Some juicing diets also suggest doing the SWF.

Whether you’re thinking or planning on doing a colon or bowel cleanse rather than a colonic or over priced enema… the Sea Salt Water Flush is an inexpensive and natural way to cleanse your body of fecal and toxic build up. Those with bad diets high in processed foods and animal product are surely to build up fecal plaque over the years. This build up can eventually steep into our blood system over time bringing on a variety of ailments and disease. The Sea Salt Water Flush helps break down and wash away a lot of that build up all while extracting toxins from your body.

Some may be affected if their diet consists of high sodium or if their blood pressure is high. Sodium/ salt is known to be related to high blood pressure. Please consult with your physician prior to doing a Sea Salt Water Flush. The SWF is used for short consistent sequenced set of days and is not long enough to cause harm to most people. In fact the consensus says this is beneficial and that’s why I’ve made this blog site as it helped my wife and I.

This website strongly suggests and promotes the use of Sea Salt for you Salt Water Flush.  We explain further here.  We  encourage anyone thinking of doing the Salt Water Flush to consult with their doctor before starting.  Disclaimer: This is a cleanse and those who consider using the information given on this site, shall do so at their own risk.

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